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I have now moved to Lancaster, and I am at present working as an Associate Play / Filial Therapist with About Children Ltd, this is a very exciting development in my career and will be posting about this soon.  About Children Ltd is a very special practice, it is located in Kendal, Cumbria and it offers Therapeutic Services such as:

  • Individual Therapy for children (Play therapy, Art therapy, Drama therapy and Music therapy)
  • Support
  • Training
  • Advice
  • Assessment

For children who have experienced trauma.

**Play has a role in moral and spiritual education of children and young people, as much as in community development and family cohesiveness. I am very interested in how play can support the individual and group work initiatives that might be happening around the world.

I would like to work with Charities and other agencies (Statutary or independent), maybe on a part time basis, as a consultant or as a sessional Play Therapist.

I have been involved with the initiative of providing Play Therapy for the young Carers group of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Dumfries.  I feel very strongly about the work they do for carers in general and very enthusiastic about what they want to provide for young carers in the region.  Up to now I have worked with young carers in Dumfries, Annan and Moffat. This is a great opportunity and I am humbled and honored to have made contact and shared time and special memories with these young people.

I am also interested in promoting: Play Therapy at school.  This is be based on my experiences at Loreburn Primary in Dumfries,  Sanquhar Primary in Upper Nithsdale and Newington Primary in Annan.

In the past I have worked with children and young people in residential care as a Therapeutic Child Care Worker.  This was a new area for me and it presented new challenges and experiences, and yet Play still has a  lot to do with it.  It might not be strictly Non-directive play Therapy, but the principles and skills that make you as a Play Therapist come very handy when observing, working and sharing experiences with young people that do not live at home, might  have experienced trauma and might not have experienced loving nurture at the start of their lives.

At the moment I am working towards returning full time to Play Therapy and there are some interesting developments and projects in which I would like to take part.

I have just started to experiment with blogging about play in general and Play Therapy in particular, I am interested in contacting other play therapists, parents and people using play to help and support children and families.  As part of this effort to connect, I am also developing a Fan page in Facebook and you could get in touch with me through Twitter too.  ;o)

Until recently  I lived in southern Scotland, in Dumfries and Galloway.  There I worked part time as a Nursery Practitioner in addition to my continued work as Play Therapist with the Young Carers Project of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers (from about 8 years up to 13 years of age) and some PA work for Children with Special Needs.  My work at the Nursery had been centred on babies from just over three months up to 24 months of age. It has more to do with nurturing, safe attachment and early development than free non-directed Play.  It required amongst other things lots of observation and interaction one to one with the little ones, and sometimes facilitating play time for parent-child interaction.

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